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The life of a boy Hell Bent on revenge.

I just thought it would be cool to say "Hell Bent".

9/7/05 08:45 pm

umm. this is a message from Max. He wants you to know as of right now, hemanofthenorth , is consider'd dead.
You should check out burndt_tapes  instead.
He's just as cool, and has a cooler name.

9/3/05 03:53 am

alrightCollapse )

7/28/05 03:42 pm

hey, people. My journal is gonna be a friends only from now on. I kept alot of you, because you're just really effing cool. Some of you, I took off because I don't know you/you don't give a crap about me! SO! If you wanna be apart of my awesomeness, you're gonna have to comment to be added as a friend. If you aren't sure, ask me, or you could not be lazy and look at my user info.

7/27/05 07:53 pm basically, I can"t listen to Weezer until she gets back...Collapse )

7/27/05 11:00 am

This is kinda weird.Collapse )

7/26/05 06:29 pm

So, I"m doing this to make amends with Hannah....Collapse )

7/26/05 01:10 pm

This is one of those things that everybody hates, but we do them anyway.Collapse )

7/25/05 09:20 pm - When will I see her pretty face again?


Today could"ve been worse.Collapse )

7/24/05 01:39 pm

This one"s kinda long....Collapse )

7/23/05 04:38 pm - A regular conversation with loren.

broomrocker: yo
iheartteriyaki: hey
broomrocker: whats up?
iheartteriyaki: dancing
broomrocker: dancing?
iheartteriyaki: yes
broomrocker: elaborate
iheartteriyaki: listening to the talking heads and dancing
broomrocker: dancing. good god, are doing a white person dance?
iheartteriyaki: oh, very
broomrocker: i smell like soap.
broomrocker: I've been soapafied

Seriously. When you've known someone so long that there is nothing worth talking about online, then you've known them for too long. Oh well.
I'm tired and need to finish cleaning my room.
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